Our Story

I came to South Africa in 2006 and worked for an Agricultural importer. This was a natural move as I had been involved in Agriculture from a young age and attended the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester in the UK.

International Equipment Sales (IES) was born from identifying that there is a market to import carefully selected,  pre owned agricultural equipment from the UK.

IES is not a generalist, but rather a Specialist Importer. We import specifically the Siloking Feed Mixers, McHale Balers and JCB Telehandlers. Having personally worked with these tough, versatile machines as early as the 1980’s on farms in the UK and seen the huge growth in Europe, they were the obvious machines to import.

Breaking it down further, the models that we focus on specifically within the Siloking range are the 12 to 40 cubes. The McHale F5400, F5500 (‘new generation’ post 2012), F540’s + F550’s (pre 2012) and the JCB Tele-handlers, particularly the 526S (2.6 tons, 5.6m telescopic) and 531/70 (3.1 tons, 7m telescopic).

These models have proved themselves in Europe as simple, tough machines and have the ideal pedigree to bring into Africa. These machines have proved themselves to be tough, reliable, simple to operate and able to perform in our extreme African conditions.

Why Choose IES?

Carefully Selected Suppliers
International Equipment Sales deals only with a handful of carefully chosen suppliers in the UK who we visit regularly and work closely with.
Expert Inspections
Each machine is inspected in the UK before purchase and it is looked at again by a UK, JCB trained mechanic on arrival in SA.
Tried + Tested
On arrival in South Africa, the machines are put through their paces by ourselves to pick up on any possible issues.

We are very happy for a potential purchaser to come to our yard to inspect the machines and put them through any testing that they would like to do.

Prices are quoted ex works and transport is for the customers account. We can recommend local hauliers should you require their services.

We insist on full cleared funds into our bank account before any machine leaves our yard.